“I AM the light. The light I AM.”

“While you already are the light of cosmic perfection, you exist within a dimension of physical form, undergoing a journey of embracing and accepting the light within you – no matter the foreseeable risk or imaginable cost. From the perspective of darkness, its agenda is to keep you so steeped in the fear of the unknown that you misperceive the dark as a form of protection, instead of the prison it actually is.

Inevitably, as your consciousness wakes up, you begin to see how anything it insists you may lose by entering the light is far greater than resting in the known comforts and ongoing torments of shadow consciousness.

The term shadow consciousness refers to a purgatory-like stage of surrender, where you can understand spiritual ideas conceptually and even speak about them in a rather intellectual fashion, without having integrated the shadow and actualized the light by embracing choices that align with your highest values and virtues on a regular basis.

In shadow consciousness, we tend to seek out worldly pleasures only to be further away from the burden of pain, in an ongoing negotiation, where we attempt to serve the light, but only on the ego’s precise terms and conditions. This can be as innocent as having a willingness to grow, but only under the most ideal circumstances.

While you don’t always have to be in pain to confirm the existence of your highest healing, your initiation is complete when you are willing to risk anything and everything, just to step fully into the light, on behalf of those too lost in shadow consciousness or paralyzed by fear to make such a choice. In reality, you will only wind up losing relationships and reflections of the old paradigm, but you must be willing to lose it all, in order to gain it all at a higher vibration.

Even when you mentally know the timeless existential benefits of entering the light, prior to entry, it may feel as if everything in your life is dissolving, as the person you took yourself to be, along with all known reference points of the past are unraveled and integrated back into consciousness. No matter how fearful, insurmountable, confusing, painful, or even lonely it feels at its precipice, once both feet have entered the doorway of light, a shift occurs through the law of polarity.

From this space, the light you have chosen to serve now can choose to equally serve you by guiding you forward, aligning all empowered choices through the feedback of your heart, and blessing your actualized life of conscious service with a life of expanded blessings, renewed freedom, and infinite fulfillment through an expanded reality of amplified synchronicities.

Because the shadow is a manifestation of consciousness that often acts as a saboteur-like catalyst of awakening, until you decide to risk it all in the name of the light, it too, has some level of intelligence. As smart as it can appear to be, the consciousness of the shadow is without the humility, drive, or impulse to selflessly act on behalf of the light, especially when existing in a world appearing so dimly-lit.

As our contribution to an awakening humanity, we boldly enter the light, in order to inspire many others to make such a shift. While it may seem as if we fear the unknown, are afraid of our own light, or remain scared to exit the creature comforts of a known reality, we are merely empathing the fears, apprehensions, and uncertainties of a collective unconsciousness that we came to unravel by daring to choose what others have overlooked, avoided, or battled throughout the lineages of many lifetimes.

This means your fear of the light is not yours, but the threshold that your ancestral lineages bumped up against and weren’t able to cross. As a pioneer of awakening consciousness, you have incarnated into this timeline of ascension to carry such lineages to completion by daring to go where no one before you has gone before.

You will know the exact moment the doorway of light comes for you. If it has already occurred, it is destined to dawn again to offer you countless opportunities to awaken with faith, instead of transcend from a space of avoidance. When that moment comes, all that is required is to know in your heart there is nothing to fear, as you step across a timeless threshold into a paradise of existential relief by simply stating the following words, “I AM the light. The light I AM.”
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